NEW LAND APPRAISAL VALUE - The announcement started on January 1, 2018.


The Treasury Department have announced the new land appraisal value on January 1, 2018 which it will be using for 4 years. The most highest land price in Bangkok is Silom business area; 1,000,000.- THB / Sq.wah (4 Sq.m.). For up country, Hatyai of Songkla province values 400,000.- THB/Sq.wah (4 Sq.m.). The lowest value is Lopburi, Samkog; 90.- THB/Sq.wah (4 Sq.m.) All land appraised value is used to refer to the collection of land and buildings which now the National Legislative Assembly is considering the draft of law, after the preliminary summary that any house price not exceeding 20 million will be tax exempt which it is effective in year 1919.